Monitoring Report Forms

The PEAC monitoring program starts with an expert assessment of an individual’s situation and, if warranted, the development of a treatment plan tailored to the individual’s specific needs. This careful and deliberate process avoids time often wasted searching for a competent healthcare provider and engaging in unnecessary of inappropriate treatments. When a substance use disorder is involved, the client (a pharmacist, pharmacy student or pharmacy technician) is expected to abstain from mood altering substances, participate in a 12-step recovery structure, and adhere to the treatment plan. PEAC monitoring continues for 5 years.

The pharmacist is expected to refrain from employment in pharmacy for a designated period of time depending on the recommendations from the treatment provider. The client is required to provide random witnessed urine samples and any unauthorized positive results are reported to the employer. The client is responsible for maintaining weekly telephone contact with his or her assigned PEAC monitor.

If the Board of Pharmacy executes a disciplinary order pertaining to the pharmacist’s license during the period of the treatment monitoring agreement PEAC will advocate and assist in the preparation and review of a dossier to be presented to the Board of Pharmacy for the purpose of appealing or modifying the conditions of the disciplinary order.

The PEAC Maryland Monitor Program consists of pharmacists registered in Maryland who are committed to preserving the health of the pharmacy profession and protecting public safety. 

Kathi Emery, PD, Sykesville
Jeff Farace, PD, Salisbury

Gil Cohen, PD, Baltimore
Jason Katcoff, PharmD, Reisterstown
Robin Katcoff, PharmD, Reisterstown
Dan Mackley, PD, Hagerstown
Doris Voigt, PharmD, Millersville

The PEAC Monitors

"It is unlikely that a person can think straight while struggling with a substance abuse problem or when feeling intimidated by the Board of Pharmacy. PEAC can help settle things down and allow the person to see things more clearly so they can make a reasoned decision about how to proceed effectively."


President & Interim Executive Director