2015 Addiction SOS Training Calendar

  • Paul Vitale, Pharmacist of 35 Years and Associate Professor, Department of Clinical and Administrative Sciences at Notre Dame of Maryland University School of Pharmacy
  • Jasmine Carpenter, Pharmacist, substance abuse and mental health specialist
  • Katherine Emery, Pharmacist of 25 Years and addiction specialist
  • Elizabeth Kirtland, Pharmacist of 9 years at Sinai Hospital
  • Sue Spurr, Pharmacist of 31 years and addiction specialist
  • Shana Bartowski, Pharmacist, substance abuse coursework 
  • Shenell Bolden, Pharmacist, faculty at Community College of Baltimore
  • Faithe Braznell, Pharmacist of 26 years
  • Anthony Tommasello, PEAC Maryland Interim Executive Director 
  • Tom Carguilo, Volunteer Trainer, Reckitt Benckiser

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Our goal is to remove the stigma from addiction and place it in a medical context, identify its signs and symptoms and describe its treatment and recovery potential in order to increase treatment demand early in the course of illness. 

Addiction SOS workshops are FREE to the public.  We partner with pharmacies, schools, churches, senior centers and community centers in across the state to provide an interactive program about drug and alcohol abuse.  Request a Workshop

Addiction SOS now has an active caregivers tract.  Whether you are a nurse or a social worker, if your job puts you in contact with abusers or family members of abusers our program is for you.  Topics include:  Motivational Interviewing, Street Drug Pharmacology and Conversations for Family Members. Request a Workshop

Our Mission

Caregiver Workshops

Addiction SOS

FREE workshops on substance use, abuse and addiction

Addiction SOS is an interactive workshop available to the general public.  Our goal is to remove the stigma and shame of addiction by helping people identify the signs of substance abuse and giving them conversational tools anyone can use when speaking to a loved one about drugs and alcohol.   

Opening up about substance abuse is hard.  Often we fell like it isn't our place or we struggle with what words to use to express our concern.  Addiction SOS will encourage you to speak up and give you the conversational tools to use when speaking to a loved one no matter where they fall in the spectrum: from someone who has struggled with substance abuse to a teen you are speaking with for the very first time.