Milton Moskowitz (Chair), PD, Silver Spring
Tony Tommasello (President and Interim Executive Director), PD, PhD, Pylesville
Gil Cohen (Vice-President and Treasurer), PD, 

Howard Schiff (Board Member), PD, Baltimore

Kim McCullough (Board Member), PD, Baltimore

Thomas Cargiulo, (Board Member), PD, Ellicott City

Matthew Shimoda (Board Member), Pharm D, Westminster
Pat Tommasello (Program Coordinator), Pylesville
Bernadette Nowak, (Addictions Counselor), CSC-AD, Jarrettsville

New programs

Addiction SOS:  Join us for workshops in your community and learn to identify and address drug and alcohol addiction.


PEAC Maryland has a dedicated membership base led by trusted long-standing members of the pharmacy community.

mission & vision

Our mission is to address industry substance abuse and preserve public trust and professional health through advocacy and education.

Our Philosophy​
Addiction is a debilitating disease that can have dire consequences if not treated. For the pharmacy community, addiction can have life altering repercussions to the pharmacist, technician and most importantly the public-at-large. We advocate on behalf of Maryland pharmacists and technicians. For over 30 years we have monitored and supported clients as they reclaimed their lives and careers after drug or alcohol addiction.

Our Mission
PEAC Maryland serves the pharmacy community throughout the state and our mission is to address substance abuse within our industry, preserve public safety and promote professional health through addiction advocacy and education.

Who We Are

The Pharmacists' Education and Advocacy Council of Maryland (PEAC Maryland) is an independent, not-for-profit committed to providing confidential support and advocacy to pharmacists and technicians confronting the disease of drug and alcohol addiction.  We support the pharmacy community through confidential: drug & alcohol monitoring, testing, referrals, counseling, outreach and education.


PEAC Maryland members are pharmacists and technicians who volunteer their time providing counsel, resources and outreach. Additional support provided  by the Maryland Board of Pharmacy, contributions from the Maryland Pharmacists' Association, the Maryland Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists and tax deductible donations in accordance with our Section 501(c)(3) status.

Our Services Benefit

    • Individual pharmacists 

    PEAC Maryland offers a confidential avenue for addressing a variety of problems that might contribute to impaired practice and loss of license. Your privacy is everything to us.


    • Technicians

    Technicians are now required to register with the Board of Pharmacy under COMAR PEAC Maryland is committed to offering the same benefits to technicians.


    • Pharmacy students

    PEAC Maryland offers a confidential avenue for addressing a variety of problems that might contribute to poor academic performance and academic dismissal.


    • Employers

    PEAC Maryland provides a thorough process by which pharmacists’ problems can be addressed and mended. Because of ongoing monitoring, employers can be confident in the performance of pharmacists who are engaged in PEAC Maryland programs.


    •    Public          

    PEAC Maryland is committed to the community at-large and through our efforts we are addressing the problem of impaired pharmacists and improving the safety of the pharmacy workforce.


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